January 30, 2023

This Is The Year!

January 2023 The Year we Opened Our Doors

January 2023
The year we opened our doors.

Over a year ago, talks of a new location for a Reformed Christian school option began in a small school gym in Woodbridge, ON, and many meetings, discussions, decisions, and prayer later, here we are - eight months away from doors open in the Richmond Hill area! This year we are building what we want to see for future generations; an education model that is accessible, committed, high quality, scripturally based, reformed, energetic, fresh, and inviting for our kids and our families. We are also building an environment where our kids learn, see, and live the value of our role in the community around us as Christians. (The letter 'C' is for 'Community' in our Core Values! Read them here!)

Our image as Christ bearers in the community means we look, act, behave, speak, teach, train, and learn differently and that we can be a beacon to those around us because of these differences. Through the teaching, service, and multi-generational relationships our purpose at Beacon Hill is to raise the next generation to live as citizens of Christ's kingdom.

This past month has found us making phone calls, sending emails, learning new technology, interviewing candidates, hosting zoom calls, consulting, property walking, and strategic planning. Press releases are sent out bi-monthly to the membership (talk to Kristen to join it!), posters are hung, invitations and presentations are discussed, ads are sent out for awareness and for hiring purposes, but above all else, is prayer. Daily, we remember to rely on what Christ has done for us, and not on our human effort.

And so at the close of the first month, of the first 2023/2024 school year, we ask you to pray with us. Pray that God would allow our efforts in hiring staff to be fruitful. Pray that God would lead teachers to this work that are eager and committed to the ongoing training of His covenant children. Pray that families in the community desire and seek faithful Christian curriculum, so more and more children are taught and instructed in the ways of the Lord! Pray for Beacon Hill's membership which supports the work being done in different ways, for the Board members who meet each week (multiple times!) and for the parents who are considering Beacon Hill for their families. And pray with us, over the school year ahead as we leave our human plans in the hands of our Provider God who will use all things, and who brings all things to completion as He sees fit.

Blessings to you and your families in the year ahead.