December 18, 2022

Our first Q & A!

What do you want to know?

Happy September! We're excited about this September, especially, because it's a 'pre-milestone' for our opening day - a reminder that our next school year will begin very differently for supporters and families and we're grateful for what's in store. Twelve months to go! Even during the warm weather and holiday schedules, the Board and committee members at YRCA haven't stopped looking ahead. To start off this one-year-to-go anniversary, here's some of the questions we've been asked about our plans for next September, and what we can tell you so far:

Q. If York Region Christian Academy wasn't supposed to be your permanent name, what is?

A. One of the biggest shifts you'll see in the coming weeks is the shift from our short-term handle, York Region Christian Academy, to our permanent name and brand. Thanks to Capture Studio Inc, we're looking forward to the public release of our professionally designed and created brand that will be utilized in our material and image moving forward. Our permanent name was a collaboration of submissions out of our We Need A Name! campaign in the spring and we're proud of the teamwork in the community that helped create it! ** Coming soon! **

Q. Where is this school going to be?

A. Another big step was the hiring of a realtor for the Richmond Hill, Aurora, and Newmarket Ontario, area. Our location committee, along with a rep from the YRCA Board, and input from parents in the area, have been working closely with a real estate agent to search and view suitable locations and lands that may be a fit for us. We've even reached out to the MP's of those areas to receive as much feedback about options as possible. With the goal of having a plan in place by December of this year, we look to our Provider as we consider all options, including the consideration of renting short term, should the search require it. And a positive reminder for us is that we are leaning on a faithful Provider and so, "We move forward trusting that God will, in His time, make clear the path he has laid out for us." (from an email exchange with a location committee member).

Q. Will it have a Christian curriculum?

A. Absolutely! We've requested a copy of the curriculum from Credo Christian School, which uses a reformed Christian curriculum and includes Church History, which is a unique addition to their school. Although, we are open to adapting the material, we are content with the work and review that has gone into the curriculum at Credo and we are aware that it is with thankfulness that we have a solid curriculum to start with. The board is in agreement that all curriculum is worth review on a regular basis, and in partnership with the membership of YRCA, will continue discussing the use of a reformed christian curriculum with modifications and additions as we develop.

Q. Who will be teaching at YRCA? Do you already have staff?

A. YRCA will be hiring staff from Christian backgrounds, who have a solid Christian worldview for their classroom, who can adhere to our Statement of Faith, and are in support of the curriculum we adopt. The board is discussing a working session for the hiring of staff and will develop further parameters as we go. We look forward to finalizing and introducing our staff to you!

Q. How do we get involved?

A. We're glad you asked! :)Follow us on social media for updates on presentations and new developments and feel free to send us an email with any inquiries you may have for you or your family. We love to hear from you. We also have a membership that is made up of supporters and this membership is critical to the decision making process for us. As we come across developments that require decisions, it is the members that are able to vote. Want to be part of this conversation? Email us at


And, most importantly, as always, please keep this initiative in your prayers. Pray for wisdom and perseverance for the membership and board of trustees. Specifically, that the decisions we make be to God’s glory, not for our own desires or priorities. And also, that we may have the dedication to build something that is reflective of the love God has for his children and the blessings we have received from Him.Do you have more questions for us? Want to see more clearly what we're envisioning? Do you, or people you know, have school aged kids who are looking for quality Christian education? A scheduled presentation by the board of this new school initiative is being planned for the end of October at Bethel Canadian Reformed Church, in Richmond Hill.

Stay tuned for more details as we bring you along!

To God be the glory.