December 17, 2022

A Huge Transition

A new look for our school!

If you've been following our social media, you'll know we've been VERY excited about finally getting to see and share the work being done by Capture Studio, a digital marketing company from Waterdown, ON. If you're new here, here's the story:As planning for a new Christian school began last fall, and as committees were developed and board members were assigned and PR began, we needed a short term 'handle' for the project that we could refer to as we researched, planned, and engaged our community. 'York Region Christian Academy' was adopted as a temporary name for the purpose of having a placeholder for the name to come, and it has served us well. When the time was right, though, the PR committee ran a campaign to collect as many name suggestions as possible for the permanent name of the new Christian school, (a few of them even being to remain York Region Christian Academy!) and from that collaborative effort, and with the input from our voting membership, we became

But there's more! Not only did Capture Studio help us develop and create the visuals for our name, we were able to develop a brand, with colours, a clear message, our vision, and a stunning logo - all to push us forward in the process of becoming the presence we plan on being in our community. The story behind the logo especially is a simple, but profound, one and we're thrilled to finally be able to share it with you.

We hope to give an even more expansive explanation of the process that brought us from having a name to having this logo and brand colours at our next scheduled presentation on Nov, 6 at Bethel CanRC church (after the a.m worship service (to be live-streamed for those unable to attend in person.) For now, here's the rational behind the logo that was developed from multiple meetings, survey's, and discussions with the Board of Trustees and Capture Studio. "Beacon" is an important word to us for our school's identity and the spray of softened, rounded lines radiating from a central sun represents what we see in the significance of the word beacon. This light represents the light of the gospel of Christ, by which our own lives are guided, shaped, and lived out, and through which we aim to educate, teach, and train our students. "Cross" - rather, an empty cross - in the logo, indicates the Reformed Christian nature of our organization. The central position of the cross in the logo reflects that this school is centred on Christ (see our Core Values) and that because he has reigned victorious, we can teach, train, and work, joyfully, the next generation! "Crest" or shield is a well known and traditional form for an academy institution. In this icon, it illustrates both the academic nature of our organization, and the significance of the spray being contained in the shield's shape. As Christians, we are never outside the scope of our Father's protection and will for us as we rely on his faithful promises.