December 16, 2022

We Have a Location!

Bethel Church

Every time we begin a new blog post, it feels right to begin it with, "What a month!' Once again, we can report on a full and productive few weeks. With finalizing by-laws, hosting dessert and membership evenings, Board, committee, and potential staff meetings, to discussions with interested parties and developing information packages with you in mind, we are praising God for the energy and commitment to the work that goes into new school preparations.

But did you know we've done this before?

There is years of experience represented in the membership of Beacon Hill, in the Board and committee members, and we are glad to put that to use as we further our knowledge by pursuing discussions with other professional education providers, teachers, principals, similar new school start ups, established schools and educational models, and pastors. And we're using this experience to develop and prepare for a Biblical Reformed Christian school that you can be confident in and excited about.But for our biggest, recent news - we have a location!We knew we wanted a school that was committed to Biblical education, we knew we had parents invested in what we were doing, we knew we wanted to share this competitive, dynamic, and holistic curriculum, with all subjects being taught from this solid Christian worldview. Now we just needed to figure out where this was going to happen.

Our property search with a real estate agent led us to many (18+!) wonderful potential opportunities and gave us great ideas - including renovating and bringing to life unique heritage homes - but in God's providence, we have been led to begin plans for Beacon Hill Christian Academy's school year at Bethel Canadian Reformed Church in Richmond Hill. We're thankful for what the space allows and offers us including; green space, outdoor play area, classrooms, kitchen, library, office and staff space, an auditorium and that Bethel's Council has given us the support to go ahead with plans out of this location.

With this large item solved, we begin looking forward to implementing our academic curriculum, planning learning spaces, hiring staff, arranging supplies and set up, and above all - praising God that he continues to show us his faithfulness and guide our plans to 'tell the next generation' of his goodness.

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And happy anniversary to us! It was one year ago this month that we started this blog - thank you to all those for keeping up with us over the last year!